Draconian Games is an worldwide video game publisher which is placed in Americas. The studios is led by Dragon-Kid. It is founded in 2012 and the first game release in February 9, call "Battle Rhythm" along within the same 2012 release that could be releasing in August 9, at the second game called "BeastKnights: The Feudal Tamers".

Saúl create an group call the "DF-Zone" to have ideas the greatest fighting games of all time, only once to make fighting game projects for Draconian Games that's will being respect to worldwide alongside NetherRealm Studios. The third game is Top Strife, which is created by Dragon-Kid's friend, PasokonMASTER that until he left in DeviantART. The publsihed game haves confirmed that if have War Gods Remake, durring in future for Draconian.

The introduction that's will have shared universe could be DraconianVerse, the form videogame universe was behind the timeline of each dimensions while Dragon-Kid haves created the biggest shared universe at fighting games.

Games Edit

Battle Rhythm (2012) Edit

BeastKnights (2012) Edit

Top Strife (2013) Edit

  • Top Strife

War Gods (2016) Edit

  • War Gods

Timeline Edit

 Past Edit

  • 1500s - BeastKnights: The Feudal Tamers

Present Edit

  • 2012 - Top Strife
  • 2016 - Battle Rhythm

Unknown Edit

  • War Gods